Sharing information about a product or service.

At its core, it’s about targeting the customer, providing information, offering a response mechanism, and having a way to track whether it worked. The premise is the same regardless of whether the marketer is using traditional or digital marketing channels. The best combines a blend of different channels into a single campaign, providing marketers the ability to offer different experiences to highly segmented groups.

This is what we do. We’re TGI Direct and we’re here to help you connect.

Data Support

When the foundation of your success depends on data, you can trust TGI Direct. Our systems organize and prioritize your data into an easy-to-manage format that makes output a snap. We work with each client individually to fulfill their data management needs. From creating the architecture, all the way to managing the full data life cycle and everything in between, we customize the system that fits your needs.

Fulfillment Activities

Whether your company needs fulfillment services such as kitting, processing and delivery, or your needs are electronic-based, TGI Direct has your solution. We inventory your items with computerized efficiency, offering you real-time tracking and real-time visibility of your products.  We will pick, pack and ship your materials to any destination with precision, efficiency and accuracy.


Email & Mail Processes

When you partner with TGI, your message reaches the right people at the right time. It’s our commitment to you. We are experts in personalized communications, and we have the software systems and infrastructure to support your specific business needs.

Print Capabilities

TGI Direct has consistently been on the leading

edge of print technologies. Whether you need a traditional full-color print brochure or a more complex variable data printing program, we can make it happen.


The ClientZone® is our proprietary web portal that is fully customizable, providing rich functionality and reliable reporting. It’s designed to automate and coordinate all activities that are integrated into each of our client’s programs.